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August 9th, 2013

A Silent Walk

On the 18th Day of the Lion, in the month of Leo, and the year of 1499, the year of our Gods, Lord Horn and Lady Ivory, in the dead of night a mist drew in upon the lands of Duinan. The haze lay silent, rolling softly across the streets and between the buildings scattered throughout the provinces, slowly thickening until the early morn of the 19th day. As the birth of the new moon shifted from blackness to its first light in the new phase, the fog drew in upon itself. The vapors darkened in color as it grew ever more dense, until it had all gathered into a small, shifting hazy cloud, now near invisible in the black of the night.

Many citizens throughout the provinces saw the mist within the city, but only a few reported to see where the fog had gathered to the form of a small cloud. Only stating that they could see the cloud shimmer slightly across it's black surface as the dim moonlight passed over it. Giving note that it had crossed over the river, between Zanzibai and Mirkwater, when it finally had dimmed from sight entirely into the marshes of Mirkwater. Other citizens, native to the lands of Grimmwold, stated that they were awaken by a child's laughter that could be heard coming from the distance, and always from the south.

June 17th, 2013

Summer Solstice!

Come dance with the joys of the summer born,
Come dance with lord horn,
gather the blossoms of the maid for summer has knocked upon our door

Dear people of the world unite
Come hither and dance until the storms

Watch the blossoms come high
And praise Lord and Lady upon high
Give thanks and be but merry
For Soltice has come once again

~ An unkonwen soul!

April 26, 2013

Beltaine has arrived!

Spring has sprung the may poles have been raised in honour of our lord and lady for beltaine. Now's the time for young lovers to be traditionally hand fasted under the ever watchful eyes of Horn and Ivory. Let there be no shame in courting an make the sky's them self pink with blushing.

Enjoy the festivity's where ever you are today and many blessing's upon this beltaine day.

~ The Currious Fea, Columnist for the Grimwold heraled and sun times.

April 19, 2013

Day Two of the Zanzibai Sporting Events??

This night I heard in passing that a group of dreamers were standing around in the swamps suspiciously. Upon my arrival I witnessed men covered in mud, crawling shamelessly away from a fierce woman yelling challenges and apparently beating them to a pulp. Either I caught the tale end of the wrestling challenge issued by the Khaleesi or there is a strange new underground of wrestling... a fight club perhaps.

What odd mews!

~Penny le Chat, avid mud-avoider/reporter

April 18, 2013

Day One of the Zanzibai Sporting Events

Tonight a small crowd gathered to witness the start of a days long tournament of various sporting events, hosted by the Khaleesi, Eva al-Ghameq. The first set of events were a contest of archery and then one pitting the tamers of the Wold against each other. I had the luck of catching miss Eva before the event to question her motives with such competitions.

"First," she said, "the competitions are to bring everyone together, the way we should be. Ana hear much talk lately from dreamers who seem to think the provinces are like their own islands, as if we do laa all share the dream. Second, it is important to stay ready. Ana curious to see the warriors we have, those we will depend on should things turn sour again."

It sounded noble, but I had to press on. What did she think we needed to prepare for?

"Inta do laa remember when nightmares raided all of Duinan? We had to work together. And when they pressed in on Brigh, we all went to aid. Ana remember feeling a bit unprepared in those days, but Ana faced it all the same. We need to regain that comradery. Ana think these events will start new friendships."

I don't know if a few sparring matches will make friends, but stranger things have happened in this magical world. Who can question such an idea in a place where cookies appear from the sky? I asked around and one dreamer looked at me long enough to say "Doesn't friendship have a sort of love, and doesn't love conquer all here?" They shrugged and wandered off dragging a cow carcass.

I guess we'll see. I lurked around tonight's events long enough to see a lovely woman win the archery contest - a miss Kiki, if I heard correctly. Then after some unusual duels with a summoned familiar and a walking plant, Justin's large beetle took the prize for the tamer melee. Fun seemed to be had by all present.

~Penny le Chat, lurker/reporter/skeptic of violence to spur friendship

April 11th, 2013

The Fire of Brigh Darcan Has Chosen

The Wold has underwent many great changes during the past year and with the dawn of the Age of Resolve. This time of great change and turbulence has been reflected by the changing nature of the fire of Brigh Darcan and the rise of the Thanedom that has to this point has governed the province. But this period of the era of the Thanedom was marked by short lived administrations and spans of absentee leaders. Why has the fire chosen such a fluid path for itself during this time? We may never know the truth of such things but we can only surmise that it was meant to teach us a great lesson, that such authority for Brigh Darcan Province should not rest upon one man alone. This has come to pass when four days ago the fire has chosen Paul Heffernan as its new caretaker.

With the choosing of Paul the fire has chosen to go in a bold new direction that is actually a revisiting of the past of the province during the time it was known as Briar Hollow when the rule of the province rested in its people and not one single person. Our new caretaker came to understand these things after many long nights of communion with the gods and with the fire and so his first order of business was to announce that the Thanedom of Brigh Darcan is coming to an end. Sweeping new changes will be seen in the near future as the people are gathered together in unity of purpose to help shape the future of Brigh Darcan. New developments will be announced as they come to pass.

--Azzam al Tufayl, Knight of Brigh Darcan

April 1st, 2013

A Glorious New Face for Heimatur

During a very brief conversation, one of our reporters received a letter with some highly important information for Duinan from one of the dockworkers. It reads:

To all of whom it may concern;

We are well aware of the dark reputation of the docks, and even our very hearthfire is experiencing a change of heart, for She rejected a recent blood offering, and demanded homemade sweets “with a side of extra love.” We have employed a committee to help clean all the blood off the lower docks. Soon, our wretched execution block will be replaced by a flower bed with a statue depicting charity, friendliness, and love. Our shackles will be replaced by maypoles, so that many a (undoubtedly reformed) virgin may skip around it in fully-clothed glee.

Our beloved Inn, Casino, and Brothel will be converted into a home for those without a home, providing warm beds, even warmer foods, and cozy tales told by our local bard to help them sleep at night. The most honeyed of meads will be provided by the dockmaster herself, choosing to replace all the stock of “Clockwork Fuel” and "Embracing Darkness" with something more wholesome and lighter on the bellies. The "Neverending Friendship" mead, for example, is flavored with fresh spring berries happily picked by the children of Duinan.

All the smut in the archives will be promptly burned and replaced with tales of morals, bravery, and pure, wholesome romance. Brave knights and virtuous damsels shall represent the New Valor Heimatur will uphold. We shall uphold morals purer than Old Briar Hollow has ever seen.

Our new colors will be pink, to represent kindness, love, humility, and unyeilding submission; and yellow, to represent the daytime hours New Heimaturians have come to embrace, for it is the sunlight that destroys the wicked shadows which our old selves hid behind.

So please, come and enjoy the New Heimatur. Those who seek shelter from the world, and wishing to join a fire who represents newly blossomed love, and newly discovered kindness and peace need not look further than the docks.

Peace & Love For All,

Cornelia, Dockmaster

With it's nasty reputation, it should be no surprise that the notorious province of Heimatur is attempting a facelift. When even the darkest fire in Duinan itself seeks redemption through hospitality surpassing Old Briar Hollow, there is no doubt that the tides of Grimmwold are changing.

~ Jay LeBlau, Journalist

EDIT: After printing this, we found some tiny scribbling at the bottom. What we can make of the text reads:

Happy April Fool's Day!

March 31st, 2013

The Easter rabbit appears again

It seems well and truly that the magic of Rewoken has sprung, good and strong as the city of Duinan was coated today by many small and brightly colored rabbit's. Each upon further investigation carrying small brightly colored egg's. They've been merry depositing them around the city centre and the around the districts of rewoken.

Keep your eyes peeled for the mischievousness little balls of fluff. Not that any one can miss them as they range from shades of pale snow white to bright neon pink. Happy hunting to all our reader's, and also happy Ostra.

~ The Currious fea, Reporter for the Grimmwold Herald and Sun times

March 25th, 2013

The Clockwork Hare Finds His Way Home

Many may be familiar with William Herrinan, the renowned clockwork hare. What may be lesser known is his complicated history that came full circle today with his return to his rightful home of Brigh Darcan, the spiritual legacy of Briar Hollow. It is with good tidings to Brigh Darcan and for the sake of posterity for the clockwork hare that I tell the story of...

'The Debt of the Clockwork Hare'

Once upon a time there was a dreamer in the old world known as William Herrinan. When he first arrived he was a dreamer just like any other and in the form of an ordinary hare. Soon after he arrived in the Wold, he met the Queen of Briar Rose and swore an oath of service to her. Then one day the Queen was shot by the arrow of an evil ettin with William by her side. The Queen was gravely wounded by this and William kept vigil over her, leaving her side neither day or night. During this vigil he did not eat nor drink nor sleep, nor did he even wake from the Dream and return to the Kingdom. This vigil and fast took a heavy toll on William and he began to fade both from the Dream and from the Kingdom.

Then came along Prince Tom, King of the Sidhe Cats, who saved the life of the Queen with but one kiss. They hopped off together, but poor William, he was left with Tikker the goblin crafter, who replaced his failing heart with a stolen clockwork heart of gnomish design. The clockwork heart saved his life but it needed to be periodically wound like one winds a clock. Even though his life was saved he never again resumed eating nor drinking nor sleeping. He began to decay, rotting away one piece at a time. Tikker continued to keep William alive by replacing each part that withered way with metal or clockworks until William became almost entirely artificial. Thus he came to be known as the clockwork hare and this was the beginning of his life debt to Tikker the goblin crafter.

It was by this debt he became bound to Tikker and also to Mirkwater. One day Tikker left for far away places, but before leaving William was given one final command, 'Be of service to all those in need.' Then Tikker went away and was never seen by William again. During this time the Patchwork Prince, also known as Urlich the Vile, came to William and asked for a new wardrobe to be made. William obeyed and made new clothes for the Patchwork Prince, but because of this service to one who is a criminal of Brigh Darcan, William was made to share in his fate and was exiled from Brigh Darcan as a collaborator. So it came to be that William the Clockwork Hare was not only abandoned by Briar Rose, he was also exiled from the same place that was his legacy , the same legacy shared by the rest of the residents of Brigh Darcan in this new world.

This was the story he told to Paul Heffernan and I late one night and he went onto tell us that his clockwork heart was beginning to fail and he feared he might leave the dream forever. He would need a new heart. After hearing this tale of woe I decided we needed to help him, to settle a debt left by Briar Rose. We needed to bring him back home after a forced sojourn. Embarking on this quest I escorted Paul across the Wold so that he may learn the art of Gnomish crafting and build a new clockwork heart. Once Paul had learned the secrets of this art I found William and told him of the good news. He was overjoyed at the news that he might possibly be able to settle the life debt with Tikker and return to his rightful home.

We gathered in Duinan and there we assembled the parts needed for the new clockwork heart. All of these things were taken to the Gnome Village in the Maiden Forest to make use of the Gnome laboratories and equipment. I escorted both Paul and William to this place and there is where Paul began his work of taking out the failing clockwork heart and installing the new one. I could only watch as Paul worked this delicate work and when it was completed, William whirled back to life as if nothing had happened. Only this time he was feeling better than ever, his vigor restored.

He asked us to escort him to Mirkwater and we did so. It was there at the hearthfire of Mirkwater that he made his peace with Tikker, still missing to this day, and freed of the debt said goodbye to Mirkwater. He then asked, "Can we go home now?" I told him we could and we escorted him back to the hearthfire of Brigh Darcan. The fire welcomed him back home with joy and the tale ended when I said, "A lost son of Briar Rose has finally come back home."

This event is good news, to William Herriman for being able to return back home after so much time of exile, for Paul and I able to perform a noble deed in service to him and to Brigh Darcan, and to the province as a whole who will be that much better for the return of the renowned Clockwork Hare.

-- Azzam al Tufayl, Ranger of the Sworn Shield

March 24th, 2013

Spring has Sprung

The winds may still seem bitterly cold but Ostra has finally come round, slowly the wheel has turned or so it seems as soon beltaine will arrive and merry shall our lovers be. The signs are strong and the sun slowly warming brining out the plants from there winter hiding. May the lord and lady watch you this one and bring joy into your days anew.

~ The Currious fea, Columnist.

March 22, 2013

The air is littered with gossip... Sherri the tailor has been wandering out of her shop less lately and appears to be giving Like the artist the cold shoulder. The reason? The two appear to be having a lover's quarrel about their hair, of all things. Sherri feels Like's updo is a bit much and Like would wish Sherri to grow her pixie cut out to more long, luscious feminine locks. Such a shame that one of Duinan's most cherished couples is fighting over such a frivolous thing. Perhaps they could do a hair swap?

March 19, 2013

Life in the Docks

Dreamers wandering tipsy from the Bard's Tale Inn to spill out onto the docks with revelry. This has been the scene for a few nights. Last minute gatherings at the tavern and brothel have brought a bit of life to the as of late quiet province. The dockmaster herself has been seen stopping by to chat and the Inn seems to be building quite a list of regulars. This reporter is excited to see such things in otherwise slow times. Of course, it is the docks and we should all be careful when wandering the dark alleys alone...

~Penny le Chat, lurker/reporter/connoisseur of fine wines

March 1, 2013

Outlaw Sighted In Brigh Darcan!

A night that started as the grand opening and debut of the Silver Shield's Coin gaming house ended with a skirmish and attempted abduction on the same premises. It began at the stroke of midnight, the witching hour, when the doors were open and would be gamblers and guests filed into the Coin for opening night. Games of chance were played, stories were told and there was even a fortune telling performed on sight. It looked like it would wrap up as a fine and successful first day for the Coin. Late into the evening when things began to wind down, events took a dark turn. With no prior warning, an armed man entered into the Coin brandishing a longbow and issuing death threats. Then he discharged his weapon shooting this chronicler in the back! Immediately everyone was up in arms and I had the presence of mind to take up my own bow and return fire. The fellow was struck one time before managing to flee from the scene and thus evading capture.

The Lady Amalthia, Hearthtender of Brigh Darcan and proprietor of the Healing Hands Clinic, arrived on the scene to attend to the wound sustained by this chronicler. After initially bandaging up myself she departed to fetch more of her healing supplies from the Clinic and those present began to discuss the mystery of this brigand and the nature of the threats he put forth. Just when it appeared to be over, the Lady Amalthia returned along with the brigand who assaulted myself. He had captured the Lady Amalthia and held her at knife point! Those of us who were left at the Coin went out front of the Coin to confront the Brigand. These heroes were myself, Rolf Strongbow and Paul Heffernan.

It turned into a stand off, a stale mate, the brigand holding the Lady Amalthia at knife point, Rolf and myself wielding longbows and Paul taking up a menacing smithy hammer. Just when it appeared this stand off would last all night the brigand demonstrated the full gravity of just how dire the situation truly was. Somehow he managed to ensorcel the Lady Amalthia with some sort of geas, mind control sorcery, and this was thus demonstrated when he commanded her to walk about and perform various tasks and she obeyed her captor flawlessly and without fail. After this demonstration of his power over his captive he fled and disappeared into the night but not before one final warning, that he would be back and that he is not finished with Brigh Darcan.

Who is this mysterious brigand? What manner of sorcery has he that enthralled the Lady Amalthia?

He appears to be a man of average height and build with dark greasy unkempt hair and wearing clothes that make him look distinctly like a pirate of the high seas. Anyone with information about this outlaw may contact the Sworn Shields of Brigh Darcan.

--- Azzam al Tufayl, Ranger of the Sworn Shield

February 24, 2013

The Sacking of the Palace of the Ice Queen

It began late in the evening of Sunday the 24th of February when Sir Dalke Warhammer of Brigh Darcan came to this chronicler and informed myself of continuing reports of trouble from the north. It was the Ice Queen and her foul minions threatening life and property in Brigh Darcan. Dalke gave the order to assemble an expeditionary force and within the hour there was an assemblage of dreamers lead by the Sworn Shield of Brigh Darcan, some of her knights, fighters and mages out of Cuige Ulster, and other independent knights from various places. This force of able men and women assembled together deep in the mountain passes of Frost Njord, the Frozen North, and it was there Sir Dalke rallied the people and informed them of their business and its importance. We were to sack the Palace of the Ice Queen so that she may know not to tread lightly with the good people of the Shires.

Once the people were assembled and given their instructions, the order to go forth was given. It was then that brave troupe of people charged forth down into the valley of the palace. Immediately we were met with overwhelming numbers consisting of ice trolls, ice snakes, snow elementals and other assorted frozen fiends from out of dark nightmares. The expeditionary force was soon scattered and fighting for their very lives. Many took blows and were stunned before the Shield of Brigh Darcan ordered the fall back so that we may reform the battle line. We assembled for a second time with forming of the line and then made a second more organized attempt to assault the fiends of the valley. With a more precise strategy employed, the second assault was successful as we laid waste to wave after wave of frozen fiend. Each wave was more nightmarish than the last with giants of men appearing as if molten crystal guarding the bulwarks of the Palace of the Ice Queen itself.

When these last defenders of the Palace were put down, the expeditionary force broke into the Palace and proceeded to sack the place for anything of value. In the midst of the sacking the ground shook, the mountains quaked, it was if the very Wold itself trembled at the sight of what came before us next. It was the Guardian of the Ice Queen! He was a giant of a man, standing as tall as four men and looking to have a girth of just as many. But these brave souls who had just assaulted the forces in the valley refused to be daunted. Immediately the fighters unleashed Hades upon him. I drew my faithful longbow and rained down one volley of arrows after the next with the wizardess Anise near me as she unleashed her arcane fury upon this would be Guardian of the Palace.

Many long minutes passed as we cut the Guardian down one piece at a time and towards the end he attempted to flee. We pursued him out of the throne room of the Palace and into an ante chamber where we wedged him into a corner. With no where to run the Guardian continued to be assaulted, swords chiseling away, arrows knocking him back, arcane arts dazzling him into a stupor. As the fiend drew his last breath there was a moment of utter silence and then an explosion that rocked the very foundations of the Palace itself. Snow and ice rained down upon us as if a snow squall managed to steal its way into the interior and then with the falling of the snow there was a strange calm. Was it over? It took us some moments to realize the battle had been one and this is when we proceeded to sack the rest of the Palace.

Our message had been sent. The good people of the Shires will not be daunted. Let the Ice Queen and her minions know that community of the dreaming ones is once again on the rise to power.

- Azzam al Tufayl, Ranger of the Sworn Shield

February 18th, 2013

Ulster Banishes its Guardian

On the 30th Day of Aquarius, in the year of our Lord Dana 1499, during the Fourth Age, and that of Resolve, the Hearth Mother and Father stood as one with the will of the Hearth. It was time to remove a corruption among the Ulsterians, someone who would be deemed a threat to its people. They had decided to remove the Hearth Guardian that eve. Among that of the council of a few other Ulsterians, and a man of Brigh who accounted to being magically assaulted by the Guardian.

After Toric spoke with the Hearth on the matter, the Guardian appeared among the crowd of people. It's said that not much time passed before Alezir took to battle with the Hearth Witches. There was no way the Wizard could beat them, only a fool would think otherwise. In what was account to be a moment's flash, he was finally banished by the fire, and nearly killed by the Hearth Mother, Caitria. However, only after he began to rend the very essense from Toric, was he expelled.

The dark Wizard left in a very quick hurry, knowing that he was not welcome among the Ulsterians anymore, and for good reason.

February 5, 2013

Important Change for Zanzibai


Last night a mixed gathering of dreamers arrived at the Zanzibai Hearth fire. The reason? The Khal addressing his people.

The night began light and festive. Khal Sahure and Khaleesi Tijah arrived followed by their Blood Riders, Rhaego and Eva al-Ghameq. All present were offered food and drink, and then the floor was opened for questions.

At this point most of the assembly simply stared at the Khal in awe. After some idle chatter the Khal announced great news. He and his wife would be riding into the sunset, and they were expecting a child. He had called them all before the fire so that the fire may choose a new leader.

The crowd was hesitant but eventually Eva al-Ghameq approached the fire and offered a few words to it. When no one objected or came forward the Khal and Hakima smiled, and then Zyanza announced that the fire had chosen Eva.

There was a moment of happiness until the gathering turned to watch Sahure and Tijah approach their horses. As they rode South, the breeze blew cool and there was a defined feeling of change in the air.

Lina al-Moghannin, Traveling Zuberi Reporter

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