The Lands of Grimmwold have Closed ...
The Community now awaits The Shroud of the Avatar

The Guild of Grimmrfell for SotA has started!


Status: The Grimmwold Private Ultima Online Shard has closed as of July 2013, after seven years.  A total of 11 and a half years of running private UO Shards.  Mith and Lara, and many others of the community have moved to facebook to continue connection.  In addition, there is on-going discussions of building a guild, town or city in Lord British's new game Shroud of the Avatar.


Pending 2013-2014 :
Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues is currently in development.  The Grimmwold community has made a commitment to a "town" plot at the Lord level in preparation of release.  Additional commitments and plans are being discussed now on the Grimmrfell Guild site, updates available
from the newsletter.  Click to join both!


Status Sept 2013: Mith (David Rivera) has made a pledge for Lord level that gives him access to a "town plot" in SotA. Anyone who wishes to gain access to the alpha/beta needs to make a pledge of Adventurer (cost: $45.00) as soon as possible.  In addition, Mithril (and Kaganos) will be setting up a kickstarter program to see if we have enough commitment to reach the level required for "city plot".  Details will be sent out soon via the newsletter, join the conversation on facebook.


SotA IRC Server: (6667)
SotA Chat Channel: #SotA
Grimm's Chat Channel: #grimm_chat


Referral: Please make sure you set Mith ( as your referal when you sign up.  If you already signed up, you can ask them to manually add a referral.  Email them at and ask to have Mith added as a referral.  85 Referrals will get us to the City level plot.


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Once Upon A Time ...

A long, long time ago there was a great and terrible war. A war that men fought for their freedom against the Etherian race.  A war so destructive that the world was almost destroyed. A war that the gods themselves stopped and broke the world in two.

Into a mundane world of the waking known as The Kingdom and a magical world of dreams known as Grimmwold.  They erected a ward between the two worlds, the Gate of Horn and Ivory, and for men to pass into Grimmwold they had to do so in dreams while they slept.

Years and years passed and many journeyed nightly from the Kingdom to Grimmwold and lived out great Adventures and upon awakening brought back the tales of their great deeds.  The tales of the Big Bad Wolf, Goldilocks, Little Red and a Sleeping Princess surrounded by briars, entered the Kingdom and gathered together to form a very special key - A book that if one read or heard the stories read from it, would allow one to travel to the world of dreams when one slept.

So now travelers in this time when petty Kings and Wicked Lords rule the Kingdom and the world seems pale and weak, as thin as watered down milk - now a new group of Heroes and Villains hear the tales of the lost and hidden world again and come night they sleep and enter Grimmwold!



Before E. Gary Gygax and J. R.. R. Tolkein,

there were the Brothers Grimm.

Enjoy player and seer driven stories in a vibrant world that is easy to enter and designed to allow players the freedom to craft the world through character driven events.  The world is based on a combination of Mythology, Lore and Adult Fairy Tales.

We offer Nine Different Races: Human, Otherkin, Shades, Changelings, Goblins, Trow, Dwarves, Vampires, Gargoyles; Three Human Cultures: Pirates, Arabian Nights and Gypsies plus advanced races for those here a year.  We have a class system with 11 classes, 15 levels each, and custom abilities per level.  There are Six Player Run Towns Briar Hollow, Ulster, Hamelin, Zanzibar, Nifol and Muckwater.

  • Screen Shots - It is our belief that you will not find a prettier world.  We have tons of custom art, including wearables, kitchen craftables and over 100 new trees, not to mention some of the best homes and shops anywhere.

  • Application - The application process is not complicated, nor do we expect you to write pages and pages of lengthy stories.  The world is designed for you to learn the fiction as you play, not try and memorize difficult world history.

  • Shard Design - This is our third shard.  We've learned a lot since we started running shards six years ago.  I can say with some pride, that this is our Best Shard yet.



There is no place like home ...


Our server is an active shard full of friendly players who are role-play addicts.  The shard regularly has 30+ active on-line and daily player and seer events.  We deliver the kind of active friendly community and NON-STOP role-play you've been looking for.

  • Forums - Active Forums with more than 1500 members. 

  • Wiki - Player run wiki with TONS of information on game play, fiction, races and guilds.

  • IRC - Our chat channel is the heart of our community.  Always active, always friendly!  Please come join us.

  • Staff - Our staff team work together, both old and new, acting as a well forged team.  Tired of staff teams that fight and squabble? You won't find that here.

  • New Players - New players are warmly welcomed into our community.  Don't fear that you will not make friends or have a hard time finding role-play.  Our community is dedicated to providing a warm and embracing environment, helping new players quickly become old friends.

  • Gallery - See the faces of our community, and the player submitted screen shots.


Enjoy the experience of a world continually enhanced.


We are a Run UO Shard with a great deal of custom scripts, map, artwork and quests.

  • Customized world map and verdata with many new wearables and art.

  • Advanced Class System (still in development).

  • Mature Role-Play shard for Adults only (17+).

  • Consent Only PvP and PvP Tags.  No stealing or snooping from players. 

  • Player ran towns (leaders elected by the majority).  Towns develop thru the effort of the players through a customized construction system.

  • Run UO ver 1.0 Scripts using Mondain's Legacy (download site links available).

  • Attended Macroing allowed.

  • Creative Skill gain system and a viable player economy for crafters.

  • Account creation through application approval.

  • High end fiber line: 30m down/5m up.