The Lands of Grimmwold have Closed ...
The Community now awaits The Shroud of the Avatar

The Guild of Grimmrfell for SotA has started!

The Grimmwold Private Ultima Online Shard has closed as of July 2013, after seven years. A total of 11 and a half years of running private UO Shards. Mith and Lara, continue discussion on the old Grimmwold forums.

Mith (David Rivera) has pledged to Lord Marshal level that gives him access to the Lord Marshal Great Hall exclusive home. The Great Hall will be placed in the town as our guild hall. We have purchased a Holdfast size player owned town. (A cost of $750)

We are accepting donations to hold guaranteed plots with the hope of using donations to upgrade the town size. Anyone who wishes to gain access to the alpha/beta needs to make a pledge of Adventurer (cost: $45.00) as soon as possible.

SotA IRC Server: (6667)
SotA Chat Channel: #SotA
Grimm's Chat Channel: #grimm_chat

Referral: Please make sure you set Mith ( as your referal when you sign up. If you already signed up, you can ask them to manually add a referral. Email them at and ask to have Mith added as a referral.

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